Kate Hudson: Unlock your potential

We know that for many CWU members understanding how the CWU works and how to get more involved in CWU activities can be confusing. Even when members and representatives are successfully elected into CWU positions, understanding the structures of our union and the different decision-making bodies, positions and committees can be unclear. This means that often members do not stand for Union positions and as a Union, we miss out on a wealth of our expertise and talent.

We also understand that, for many members, working commitments and other responsibilities can often get in the way of wanting to get involved in CWU activities.

Often our members are not aware that being active is not just about standing in elections and becoming a representative, it’s also about being part of a family, working in local communities and being kept informed of issues that affect us at work.

CWU Unlock has been created to help members Unlock their potential and find out more about what the CWU has to offer.

It provides 10 different ways members can get more active and shows, there’s something for everyone to get involved with, no matter how much or how little time you have available. Unlock provides information about the different roles in branches and regions and what they do, allowing members and representatives to identify what role may interest them. We also provide a simple 4-step guide to assist members and representatives through the election process, to offer further guidance and much more.

As a new site we will be continually updating and adding new guidance and resources, so please visit CWU Unlock and discover your potential. You won’t regret it!