Pathway: Download the CWU App

As part of the CWU’s continual efforts to create the best membership package for you, we have developed a dedicated CWU app that is free to all members. The App provides members with up-to-date news on the issues that they face in work and other union activities and events that are taking place. It also provides the facility for members to update their diversity data so that we can better focus on tackling workplace inequalities and the root causes of discrimination.

Affiliate brings all of your CWU content into one place including:

  • The latest national CWU news and events
  • Exclusive podcast and video content
  • Create your own ‘My CWU’ newsfeed based on your industry and region
  • Easily access trade union services
  • Opinion and updates from across the trade union movement


How to install 

  1. Download the app by searching for “Affiliate CWU” in the App Store for Apple devices or Google play store for Android devices, or by clicking the buttons below.
  2. Once downloaded, open the app and press ‘sign up’ to create your new Affiliate account and then verify your email address via your phone (not your desktop).
  3. Once accessed you can create your own personalised feed by pressing ‘My CWU’ and adding your categories and regions.

For more help, please visit Affiliate – download guide

Please note: to download the app, your phone operating system will need to be at least iOS 13.0 for Apple or 6.0 and up for Android.

Support and feedback

This app has come about from branch request and member surveys. This is the first phase of Affiliate and we look forward to continually improving the app based on your feedback and user analytics.

To get in touch, please email